Best Backyard Pool and Spa Design for Relaxing

A backyard pool and spa, who does not like to have that? Having that kind of facility in our house is already like a dream comes true. We can have a total relaxation there. To cool our body, we can swim in the pool, which is the best thing to do in the summer. About the spa, we can get it from the small size pool which contains warm water. Alternatively, we can add a system for Jacuzzi here as well. However, this backyard will be more pleasant for us if there is an additional thing which allows us to loosen our distressful feeling.

Pool and Spa with Waterfall

Waterfall is an amazing scenery to look at for most people. It might be great to have one along with our pool and spa. No, we are not talking it in real size. Instead, our intention is the one in miniature version. It might be high-priced, but trust us, the result will be worth the money we spend. Not only is it making our yard becoming more beautiful, but also quite restful to look at. Also, we can make a use of it for fun. For example, we may apply it like we are taking a bath with water pouring down on us. That sounds so much fun, doesn’t it? It is already like a spa specialized as the cooling feature, while the hot tub or Jacuzzi as the warming facility.

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Pool and Spa with Outside Hearth

Usually, after we are done swimming in the pool or soaking in the tub, we still want something to make us relaxing and feeling cozy. There is one perfect solution for that, and it is outside hearth. After applying the water facility, we might feel a bit chilling. We can handle it by using the fireplace which is purposely placed on the outside. In front of it, we can sit around with our feet on a stool so they can be warmed more in comfort. Alternatively, we can select bonfire instead of a fireplace. We can surround the bonfire so more people can heat themselves at the same time. Not to mention, we can have some grilled marshmallows there too. This is certainly a must-have backyard pool and spa for sure.

So, between these two, which one is your favorite? If you cannot decide which additional facility is better, you may have both of them. These two things will complete our backyard pool and spa.

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