Impressive Backyard Pool Designs

What kind of backyard pool designs do you prefer? That must be hard to answer since there have been so many cool pools lately. Mostly, when we visit a house which has a pool, the design of the pool is either simply square, oval, or curvy. However, those kinds of style are quite boring already. We want something different and unique. A pool that can wow people who come for a visit to our house. So, how can we do that? Here are some backyard pool designs which might inspire you.

A Pool with Gazebo at the Center

It is already a common thing to have a gazebo at the pool. This spot is used whenever people want to take a rest for a while after swimming for a certain period. However, this resting area is mostly located near around the pool. That is not a new thing anymore. In this case, we think it might be superb to have it in the middle of the pool. To fit in the pool, the shape of it has to be square, and so is the gazebo. By that, there is still some more space to swim around freely. In the resting area, we can place two beach lounge chair. Furthermore, we can bring some beverages and snacks there to freshen the mood even better.

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A Pool with Jacuzzi

One big pool is not enough for you? Then, you might want to consider to add a Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi will make our backyard even far more interesting. This small bubbly pool can be used to warm our body right after we cool it with the swimming pool. About the placement of it, it is usually installed at the edge of the main pool. The reason is that the water inside can be disposed into the main pool. Hence, no water waste happens at all. Besides at the edge, we can also have it at the center of the pool. To get into it, we can add either stair under the water or a small bridge from the pool brim to the Jacuzzi. The design of the bridge is better to be arch style so the risk of our head getting hit can be lowered. Additionally, we can also experience swimming under the bridge.

A Pool with Glass Wall

A pool equipped with one wall made of glass is quite popular lately. The reason is that we can see people diving into the pool over the glass wall. What makes it more exciting is that we can take a picture of record a video of people inside the water without using the waterproof feature. The overall look of it makes it be one of a preferable backyard pool designs.

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