Kitchen Cabinets Design Process and Remodeling

When it comes to kitchen cabinets design, you may find that the cabinets hold an important role inside a kitchen. Furthermore, one thing you should keep in mind that the design should match with your kitchen style. Make sure that everything is well-planned to avoid further mistakes. When you plan to redesign or remodel your kitchen, first of all you should put the function. In fact, there is no perfect kitchen shape. Consider planning the cook top, fridge and the sink to outline a triangle, with at least six feet between each to create easy movement. Following are tips you should consider before compromising with designs of your kitchen cabinets.

Make space for storage

The common mistake most people make when they are at planning stage is not providing sufficient storage. Instead, you can use every cranny and nook. Put the cabinets above your head right up to the ceiling, instead of leaving a gap on top that will only assemble dust. To have easier access to pans and pots as well as sufficient space for kitchen appliances, consider installing deep drawers that can clutter-up your countertops.

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Safety first

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to choose kitchen cabinets design. Make sure your kitchen as family-friendly and safe as possible by setting up a good visibility to indoor plays area and backyard from your cooking area. You should also consider putting safety-conscious elements like rounded countertop, ovens or even slip-resistant floor to minimize further accident.

Notice the power sources

Besides, you have to make sure that there are suitable power sources for your new appliances or even relocated. Many homeowners just realize very late that they don’t actually have the right electric or gas lines. Consider measuring your appliances to make certain that they’re in shape into allocated spaces comfortably.

Surface and space

Indeed, there is nothing as much as the counter space. Opt for a surface which is straightforward to work and care of. However, you have to keep in mind that grout among tiles is difficult to sustain. If they are made of stainless steel, be careful when taking care of it since it can scratch straightforwardly.

Consider the lighting

Different with other rooms in your home, overhead lighting is deficient in your kitchen. You don’t need light behind you or even casting a shadow on your workspace. Take into account that you should position it descend in front of you. Instead, you could opt for lights underneath your kitchen cabinets design as they can shine to countertops directly.

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