Kitchen Flooring Ideas: Wood Vs Granite Tiles

When it comes to kitchen flooring ideas, many people have been quite confused about which flooring option they should take. Flooring is one of the first aspect that you have to pick for a home design. Primarily for the kitchen, flooring is pretty important. This is mainly because kitchen is a private part of the house for the owner. Choosing the right flooring option for the kitchen is the first job to do for making the kitchen look nice. Besides, choosing the right flooring option is also good for preventing you from remodeling the kitchen in the near future. With a sturdy and durable flooring material, your kitchen will be durable too. So, here is two most common kitchen flooring ideas in the market. Each flooring has its strength and weakness which you should consider before taking it as an option. Take a look!

Wood Kitchen Flooring

Wood kitchen flooring is one of the most common option in the last few years. Wood is perceived to be having some qualities which bring a natural and down-to-earth atmosphere into the house, primarily the kitchen. Because of that fact, many families have picked wood flooring option for their kitchen. People who love nature will also pick this flooring idea. One the other hand, wood flooring is less pricey than any other material. This option is good for those of you who cannot deal with color palette selection. This is mainly because wood has its natural color. In fact, wood color palette is very versatile and it can perfectly blend with any other colors. However, wood flooring is less durable than the granite tiles. This is because wood are more fragile to be having termit attack.

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Granite Tiles Kitchen Flooring

The second option is applying granite tiles for the kitchen flooring. One of the best advantage if you take this flooring option is the color selection. Granite tiles have a lot of varieties of color palette which you can pick. If you are a color enthusiast, then this flooring material is the best option for you. On the other hand, granite tiles are very durable. Comparing to wood flooring, this flooring material cannot be attacked by termit. Plus, granite tiles are highly modern. If you are having a house with minimalist style, then granite tiles are the best flooring material for it. Nonetheless, granite tiles are more expensive than any other flooring materials in the market. So, you have to spend more money if you pick this option.

In short, no matter what kitchen flooring ideas you are going to pick, flooring is an important element that you have to consider carefully.

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