Simple Steps to Create a Backyard Putting Green

Whether you are a big fan of golf or not, having a backyard putting green will always be an excellent idea to make your yard look beautiful and classy. A backyard is one part of the house which should be taken care of carefully. It is mainly because yard will need special treatment when it comes to backyard decoration. Creating a green backyard can be very hard to do if you do not know how to deal with it. To help you out with that, here are some simple steps that you can do to create your own putting green by yourself. Take a look.

First, Consider Your New Green Placement

This very first step is highly important. Knowing the right placement will make your green very accessible. All you have to do is checking out the green placement in the level areas of your property. Make sure that the new green you are going to put can be accessed from other areas in the yard. You can do it by chipping and pitching the new green to the marked area which you have done.

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Second, Get Rid Of the Grass and Get the Ground Prepared

You still have to remove the grass even though you are going to have an above ground installation. By doing this, the installation will be strongly attached to the ground. You can use sod cutter or shovel to get rid of the grass in the marked area. You also have to get rid of any debris in the area. After you have done with the grass cutting, you can do the next step, which is the ground preparation. You need to compact the ground by plate compactor and start laying out the weed barrier to prevent any stone sub-base material to sink.

Third, Add The Border and The Base

You can use an edging to add the border to measure how far your stone base material will be installed. After you have finished with it, you can start distributing the sub base material again to add the base in your marked area. Make sure that you distribute the sub base material well and evenly.

Finally, Compact The Base

Lastly, wet the sub base lightly. You can use a spray nozzle to help you out with that. After that, you are free to compact the base, but be careful. Sometimes you need to do it several times to get the best result.

So, that is some steps that you can do to create a green backyard. Good luck!

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