Worth-to-Try Backyard Patio Designs

There are many backyard patio designs which we want to have in our house. It could be so hard to pick which one is the best to own. It does not matter which one is the greatest as long as it is a comfortable spot to relax our body and mind. Moreover, it has to be a great place to enjoy together with family or friends. Those are the main goals that we need. Now, we only have to find one design which could give us that result. To help you out, there are two backyard patio designs which have been included in this article.

Shady Patio with Pergola

The first design is a patio complete with a roof, but the roof does not cover it all over. Instead, the roof we mention here is a pergola in gazebo style. So, there will be an opened as well as a closed area here. Yet, why does it have to be pergola? The special thing about it is that the roof still has a number of gaps in square shape. Consequently, sun lights are still able to come through a little which creates some shades. This place can be used if the sun is too hot to handle. What about the opened area? Well, that can be applied if we want to enjoy the blue sky. Whichever spot we pick here is not a big deal because we can enjoy both of them. Anyway, both spots have a set of table and chairs. To make it more interesting, we can have a grill here too. By that, we are able to invite some people to hold a barbeque party.

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Warm Patio with Outside Fireplace or Bonfire

The second one is all about pleasurable warmth. This feeling can be obtained if we have a fireplace or bonfire. This patio shows its best usage during cold weather like in fall or winter season. Or, we may enjoy it even more at night with a cup of milk tea. Talking about night time, a fun activity like stargazing might be a perfect idea to do. If you want to execute it, then a telescope and binoculars are required. Together with other people, we can try to find some certain stars. For the snack, we can use the bonfire to grill some marshmallows. This type may be simple, yet we can do such an awesome activity here. Thus, we can clearly state it as one of the coolest backyard patio designs to have.

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